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5 February 2010
Sequential upgrades, so nothing spectacular. The resources and links has some more. The section on social movements has been shifted to a different website altogether: It is a wiki based website, so all the more easy for people to contribute.

12 December 2008
Updated the development calendar. The other information on the site has also been significantly reorganised so that there is only one, or at most two, 'front pages' at any given time. The data has also been organised into different 'books' so that once you get to a page, other relevant pages are displayed on the left. Do let us know how that makes for access and readability.

23 September 2008
A new book has been added to track the media and terrorism. This includes medial coverage of Kashmir and Mumbai, and is updated as new material becomes available. The purpose is two-fold: one to critically examine the media role in reporting of terror and shaping public opinion and two to give different points of view.

14 April 2008
Added a new 'book' India Shining: The figures tell for whom and how. One page on how the labour is being squeezed needs to be added. More pages will be added to this book regularly to keep it up-to-date with information as and when it becomes available. Appropriate for Ambedkar Jayanthi and Vishu.

16 March 2008
Added a new menu item NGO Awards. Reorganised the menus so that donor information is separate. (This is on popular demand since the complaints were that it was virtually lost.)

10 September 2007
Added menu item Scholarships. This is more comprehensive that the one in 'resources and links'. The older one will be retained for a while, and then replaced by this one.

20 May 2007
Added two menu items Civil Society Summit and Journalist Awards
And also reorganised the menu: donor directory, social movements free books and stuff, human rights manuals etc are now put under links.

The links about us have been taken to the left panel (about us, contact us, documentation course etc.)

It is now less cluttered. Hope you like it.

10 May 2007
Started a new 'book' More Donors Will be building that into a sort of donor directory.

This is apart from the donors directories [Each has about 1000+ donors. So now lack of funding agencies should not be a problem!]

23 April 2007
Thanks to Shishira, we moved to Drupal 5.1. You would probably miss that if we didn't point it out. But what you wouldnt miss is our all new look, customised by Shishira again! Hope you like it. For those who prefer the older look, we have retained it, but to be chosen by individual members.


For more information on Aidmatrix and Humanitarian Relief Programs click-
Aidmatrix teams up with The International Federation of Red Cross on Humanitarian Logistics
Aidmatrix Foundation and the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) announced their agreement to make IFRC's warehousing system available to Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies worldwide. "With the right systems you can do smart things and become much more proactive," says Hugh Peterken, Head of the Information Systems Department for IFRC in Geneva. "We have known for some time, for example, that there was a drought coming in the Horn of Africa. Making this warehousing solution available to Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies we will be able to check amongst the societies to determine the availability of drought relief supplies, pre-purchase items at lower cost and have them on-site at the ready." With the goal to increase standardization of systems and enhance collaboration amongst their 186 national societies worldwide, IFRC plans to pilot the warehousing program in three countries over the next six months.
Learn more about our partnership with the IFRC
American Samoa Joins the National Donations Management Network for Tsunami Relief
Aidmatrix announced its partnership with American Samoa for the National Donations Management Network (NDMN), powered by the Aidmatrix Network®. American Samoa joined the National Donations Management Network following the tsunami in September 2009. The National Donations Management Network now covers more than 81% of the U.S. population and connects 43 states and territories with hundreds of relief organizations. American Samoa can now create an effective flow of relief to its people-in-need. The NDMN is streamlining humanitarian relief efforts with technology and relationships just like the supply chains used within the for-profit world.
View the American Samoa web portal
Learn more about our partnership with American Samoa

Aidmatrix and Project HOPE Partner to Improve International Medical Relief Efforts
The Aidmatrix Foundation announced its partnership with Project HOPE, an international health education and humanitarian assistance organization, to use the Aidmatrix In-Kind Donations Management Module, a powerful communication system, to connect HOPE's international partners in more than 35 countries worldwide. With relief partners on five continents, HOPE will rely on Aidmatrix to help remove barriers and improve efficiencies for better communications between all parties. With the addition of HOPE, Aidmatrix gains another member in its rapidly expanding global humanitarian relief supply chain, the Aidmatrix Network®.
Learn more about our partnership with Project HOPE
Aidmatrix Partners with MedSurplus Network to Expand Medical-Relief Opportunities
The Aidmatrix Foundation announced its partnership with MedSurplus Network, an alliance of nonprofit groups dedicated to promoting health, environmental stewardship and community education through the efficient collection and effective distribution of surplus medical supplies and equipment with the purpose of improving healthcare for medically underserved people around the world. Through this partnership, MedSurplus Network will use the Aidmatrix supply-chain management technology to manage their in-kind donations.The Aidmatrix In-Kind Donations Management Module will enable the members of the association to share product and needs. Together the members of the association move more than $45 million of aid and ship approximately 600 containers of relief supplies on an annual basis to more than 100 countries worldwide.
Learn more about our parternship with MedSurplus Network
International Disaster and Emergency Resilience Conference - Resilience is about Solidarity
The Aidmatrix Foundation attended the International Disaster and Emergency Resilience (IDER) annual conference held October 19 thru 21st in Karlstad, Sweden. The conference was hosted by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). Approximately 70 senior representatives from disaster relief agencies, consultancies, governments and the EU Commission participated. Shari Temple, Managing Director, Aidmatrix EMEA, addressed the assembly on the topic of secondary disasters in crisis scenarios under the heading Critical National Infrastructure. Ms. Temple's presentation was well received. People said they were so concerned with primary disaster response that hearing the effect of unneeded donations in terms of both time and money enlightening and cautionary. The unifying message of the conference was set forth by Lindberg, who noted that, "Resilient societies are societies which can bounce back from disasters. Resilience is about the capacity to give and to receive help. Resilience is about solidarity."
Learn more about this conference
Aidmatrix Shaken & Stirred Fundraiser A Success!
Thank you very much to all of our generous guests, donors and event sponsors for helping make our Annual Dallas fundraiser a great success. Shaken & Stirred was a fun evening during which the 150 guests at the Frontiers of Flight Museum enjoyed an evening of casino games, a live and silent auction, Austin Powers/Dr. Evil impersonator and a fun evening with friends - all while learning a bit about how Aidmatrix impacts the lives of 65 million people around the world each year.

Click here to view photos of all the fun we had at Aidmatrix's Shaken & Stirred. While you're on our Facebook page, please become a fan of Aidmatrix!

Launch of The India Food Banking Network is a giant step towards the eradication of hunger which will surely enhance our strength in the fight against hunger. The Aidmatrix Foundation and The Global FoodBanking Network hosted the launch of The India Food Banking Network, IFBN, Planning forum in Delhi .

India Food Banking Network is a system that will move food from donors to the people who need it the most and engage all sectors of society towards this effort. This food banking system will feed millions of people each year,and become a vehicle for building public awareness about hunger and nutrition, and serve as a powerful voice that drives policy decisions and initiatives that impact the food security of individuals and communities.

At the inaugural address Dr Sam Pitroda,Chairman - IFBN emphasized the need of establishment of IFBN to eliminate hunger in India. “Hunger affects generations, communities, societies and countries. When technology, productivity, logistics and transportation have been increased by leaps and bounds, we can't choose to ignore the fact that billions of our people are dying from hunger or sleeping half fed every night. Launch of The India Food Banking Network is a giant step towards the eradication of hunger which will surely enhance our strength in the fight against hunger.” He stated.

IFBN is establishing a national food banking system focused on collecting surplus and unsalable food from the agricultural community and from the the food industry like manufacturers, distributors, and retailers catering to both urban and rural needs. Through this system, the India Food Banking Network initiates an infrastructure for serving the hungry and catering to the nutritional needs. Governor Scott McCallum, CEO Aidmatrix highlighted “how a technology driven initiative like the IFBN will truly provide the systems and mechanism for an effective food procurement, handling and distribution”

Veena S. Rao, IAS – Retired Secretary Government of India, along with Chris Rebstock - Vice President, The Global FoodBanking Network shared their views and ideas on the relevancy of food bank in India and discussed opportunities and hurdles in adaptation of food banking and innovative solutions for food security.

According to Chris, “Food Banks are viable tools to promote food security. When hunger is the cause of maximum deaths per year, It was necessary to establish a technology based infrastructure or a platform where the various working sectors like government, NGOs and private can come and work towards rooting out hunger.”

Veena S. Rao highlighted to the audience about health related issues that food banking also addresses in terms of providing hygienic, pure and clean surroundings while storing and serving food. “There is huge difference between nutritional security and food security. The need of the hour is to provide the required nutritional package. There is a possibility that many may not die of hunger but other related problems or diseases.” Said Rao.

The India Food Banking Network addresses the issue of hunger related problems prevalent in all age groups and will ensure the permanent access of food within the country. The goal of IFBN is to create permanent and positive change regarding food issues in communities by leveraging and aligning resources among the public sector, private sector and the voluntary sector.

J.K Sinha, Honorable member of National Disaster Management Authority appreciated the initiative and purpose of IFBN. “Food becomes more important at times of disasters . With so many corporates and organizations coming on board, the difficult task has become easy.” Stated Sinha.

“The concept of IFBN is a bridge for corporates and recipients to pool and distribute food with technology expertise of Aidmatrix. There is no doubt that IFBN will prove as an extremely useful tool for handling hunger in the coming times.” Said V.N. Gaur, CEO – The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, who also appreciated the IFBN focus on food safety during the salvaging, handling and distribution process.

Along with these case studies by Munishwar Vasudeva, Business head- Adani Group, Leena Joseph, DGM- Naandi Foundation and Dr Murli -Programmes Officer- World Food Programme, India were presented to showcase the success and opportunities in Food Banking. Also there was case studies on the opportunities in development market place by Hemanth Kumar- Vice President, CSO Partners who presented the upcoming online initiative on NGO marketplace.

For more details on The India Food Banking Network please visit :

To view the Synopsis of The India Food Banking Network Planning Forum Launch please visit :

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