17: Millennium Development Goals off track in South Asia: World Bank Report

South Asia will fall short on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), says the World Bank-IMF Global Monitoring Report. Though much of the world, including South Asia, is set to cut extreme poverty in half by the due date of 2015, prospects are gravest for the goals of reducing child and maternal mortality, with serious shortfalls also likely in primary school completion, nutrition, and sanitation goals.

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The report stresses the link between environment and development and calls for urgent action on climate change. Arguably, few regions in the world are more at risk from climate change in terms of adverse impact on the poor than South Asia and the region faces a large potential health risk from climate change through increased malnutrition, diarrhea, and malaria.

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Key findings:
- South Asia is expected to contribute the most to global poverty reduction in the next decade
- South Asia is likely to fall seriously short in some areas, including primary education, gender parity in tertiary education, and child mortality goals
- South Asia has the world’s highest incid ence of child malnutrition and the child malnutrition rate in India is double the African average.

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