winsight 03 MDGs India: status update December 2008

MDGs India: status update December 2008
A backgrounder compiled by anita and edwin, openSpace, bangalore

In September 2000, the member States in the United Nations unanimously adopted the Millennium Declaration in the meeting of the General Assembly. The Millennium Development Goals commit the international community to an expanded vision of development, one that vigorously promotes human development as the key to sustaining social and economic progress in all countries, and recognizes the importance of creating a global partnership for development. The goals have been commonly accepted as a framework for measuring development progress. Following consultations among international agencies, including the World Bank, and the specialized agencies of the United Nations, the General Assembly recognized the Millennium Development Goals as part of the road-map for implementing the Millennium Declaration.

Following are the eight millennium development goals, which are to be achieved by 2015:
• Goal 1 – Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
• Goal 2 – Achieve universal primary education
• Goal 3 – Promote gender equality and empower women
• Goal 4 – Reduce child mortality
• Goal 5 – Improve maternal health
• Goal 6 – Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases
• Goal 7 – Ensure environment sustainability
• Goal 8 – Develop a global partnership for development

These are goals pledged by 189 Heads of States to adopt measures in the fight against poverty, hunger, illiteracy, gender inequality, disease and environmental degradation. The eight goals are divided into 18 targets comprising 48 indicators.

India’s MDG targets

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