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Support Scholarships and Fellowships for NGOs and Human Rights
Free books and stuff
Social Movements
Child rights organisations
Government of India

Government of India
Two comprehensive listings of government departments and their activities. Also, a one-point source for links to different government websites.

Human Rights Tools E-Library (another website)
Human rights instruments
Human rights manuals
Human rights institutions, organisations, networks, institutes...
Country-wise ratification of international conventions, date of entry into force and reservations submitted (another website)

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International Laws on water
UN Environment Programme

International water laws

Indian waters
Ministry of water resources

World bank

River basins

Planning Commission of Government of India
Provides information on national and state plans, latest news about development issues, evaluation reports of various programmes, annual reports and statistical data on Indian states.

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)
The NHRC's website provides news updates on its actions and orders; annual and special reports; format for filing complaints; follow-up information on complaints; important directions and proceedings; action plans and links to useful publications that can be downloaded free.

World Bank-India section
The World Bank site has a special section on India with reportage on development intiatives, poverty reduction programmes and reforms.

Indian Rural Portal
India’s first Web portal for rural audiences hosted by TARA (Technology and Action for Rural Development), the marking wing of the Development Alternatives Group, one of the management consultants for the PACS Programme. Offers a broad spectrum of information through various channels like agriculture, health and law. All information channels have links to other useful sites. Registered users can post questions to experts in different areas.

Development news, views and perspectives from India
A daily development news website providing news, views, perspectives and debates on rights, justice and sustainable development in India. Carries reports from a wide network of journalists and activists across South Asia. Managed by the Centre for Communication and Development Studies.

National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
This section of the Union Ministry of Rural Development’s website provides comprehensive information for all stakeholders in the world’s largest employment and poverty alleviation scheme.

Right to Food Campaign
The Right to Food Campaign is an informal network of organisations and individuals committed to the realisation of the right to food in India. This website has information on the campaign, the National Rural Employment Scheme, the Mid-Day Meals Scheme, the Right to Food case and the Supreme Court’s orders on it, related articles and campaign material in English and Hindi.

Right to information portal
The Government of India’s Right to Information portal displays the full act, FAQs, quick tips, ministry-wise contact details of central government Public Information Officers (PIOs) and statewise contact details of PIOs (details are not provided for some states).

National Rural Health Mission
The National Rural Health Mission (2005-2012) seeks to improve the availability, access and quality of health care in the country, especially for the benefit of people in rural areas, the poor, women and children, by increasing public expenditure on health, reducing regional imbalances in health infrastructure, pooling resources, optimisation of health manpower, district management of health programmes and community participation.

basin-South Asia Regional knowledge Platform (basin-SA)
basin-SA is committed to developing knowledge systems and promoting collaborative action within South Asia to enable access by the poor to sustainable habitat and livelihoods. This site has links to all the facets of this initiative.

Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI)
CHRI works to promote awareness of and adherence to internationally recognised human rights declarations. This website provides useful information on its areas of work such as the right to information and police reforms.

Women, environment and health
The Population Communications International website provides reports and data on women’s empowerment, reproductive healthcare, environmental awareness and AIDS.

United Nations Human Settlement Programme
The United Nations Human Settlement Programme aims to promote socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities. This website features reports on water and sanitation projects, settlement programmes and rehabilitation schemes across the globe.

UNDP – India section
This United Nations Development Programme website focused on India features stories related to information technology projects, women artisans and rural livelihoods, among other issues.

Global transparency initiative
Transparency International’s portal raises awareness about the damaging effects of corruption, advocates policy reform, works towards the implementation of multilateral conventions and subsequently monitors compliance by governments, corporations and banks across national and international borders.

Global civil society portal
A global development portal aimed at strengthening civil society and focusing on sustainable development issues. With a special section on South Asian development news.

Disaster alert
Reuters Foundation’s AlertNet provides global news, communications and logistical services for all those working on relief and rehabilitation following disasters.

News from India on social and development issues
Civil Society Information Exchange Private Limited’s online publication provides well-categorised and in-depth information and news on public interest, social and development issues.

Poverty - stories of change
Charity Focus’s website offers stories of change and reportage on various issues related to India and neighbouring countries.

Indian NGO listing and news
The India Development Information Network website offers social development stories, lists of NGOs and reportage of events in India.

Computers for the poor
World Computer Exchange, a Massachussets-based organisation offers CSOs donated computers to help them establish centres to provide information and communication technology and provide livelihood options for the poor. The computers can also be used to equip schools to bridge the digital divide.

Disability network
The National Disability Network (NDN) is a cross-disability rights movement to create empathy towards the rights and needs of persons with disability. NDN aims to have at least one disability organisation/disability group in each of the 593 districts of the country by 2006.

South Asia trade and development issues
Established by Oxfam GB, Centad carries out research and advocacy on WTO issues related to trade and development in South Asia. Site features news, analyses, research papers and backgrounders.

Voluntary Action Network India (VANI)
VANI is a network of Indian voluntary organisations. This website provides information on VANI’s programmes, campaigns and services.

Rehabilitation Council of India
The Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI), a statutory body, standardises and regulates the training of personnel and professionals in the field of rehabilitation and special education. Anyone delivering services to people with disability, who does not possess qualifications recognised by RCI, faces prosecution. Site provides, in English and Hindi, norms to be followed, details of recognition and accreditation, useful publications and links.


The Institute of Rural Research and Development (IRRAD), India
Slavic Research Centre, Hokkaido University, Japan
Research Institute for World Languages, Osaka University, Japan

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