Finnish NGO Foundation for Human Rights (KIOS)

The Finnish NGO Foundation for Human Rights

The Finnish NGO Foundation for Human Rights KIOS works to promote human rights in developing countries by granting funding to human rights projects. KIOS provides financial support to local civil society organisations that work for the promotion and protection of human rights in their own countries and regions. Our aim is to especially support the promotion of the human rights of the most disadvantaged groups of the societies. In Finland, KIOS aims at increasing the knowledge of Finnish civil society on the human rights situation in developing countries.

KIOS is an independent, non-political, non-religious and non-governmental foundation. The foundation was established in September 1998 by eleven Finnish NGOs working with human rights and development issues. The founder organisations are represented in the KIOS Executive Board, which is the supreme organ of KIOS and makes the final funding decisions.

KIOS receives financial support for its activities from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Typical projects funded by KIOS include:
* Human rights awareness raising and education
* Human rights campaigning, lobbying and advocacy
* Human rights monitoring and documentation
* Providing legal aid
* Capacity building

The thematic focus of KIOS funding is:
* Democratic Rights
* Gender Equality
* Right to Education

Geographically KIOS focuses its support primarily to:
* Eastern Africa
* South Asia

KIOS holds an open invitation for applicants. Local civil society organisations in developing countries are eligible for funding. Funding is granted upon applications, which are accepted throughout the year. Application forms and guides are available at KIOS website.

More information about KIOS can be found at

The Finnish NGO Foundation for Human Rights KIOS
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00530 Helsinki, Finland
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