Kannada training calendar

There is a need for information to reach the grassroots in the simplest form. The workshops and seminars will be bi-lingual, primarily in Kannada and English.

Our programmes cover topics of current interest, and capacity building from the human rights and development perspective in areas such as
* Legal and policy issues
* Budget Analysis
* Advocacy
* Media
* Communication
* Fund-raising

There are two kinds of programmes:
Sunday Seminars that will generally cover issues of policy and perspective meant for the organisation chief, and
Weekend Workshops that will be more 'hands-on' to help upgrade skills of senior and middle level staff.
Please note that the Weekend Workshops are really for the weekend--meaning Friday and Saturday. We respect the need for quality family time!

Tentative Programme Calendar: 2006-2007

15: Emerging trends in institutional funding
21,22: Documentation: Writing case studies

13: Right to information Act: Empowering citizens
25,26: Advocacy and campaign tools

10: Governance: Nagarapalika Act [74th Constitutional Amendment] and Karnataka Local Areas Fiscal Responsibility Act
22,23 Human rights: UN and international standards

8: Working with volunteers
20,21: Local fundraising and appeals.

12: Emerging poverty issues
24,25: Documentation: Proposals

3: To be decided by members
15,16: Web documentation


7: Emerging media spaces
19,20: Media Tools

11: Networking skills and opportunities
23,24: Reporting tools

11: Gender: Beyond stereotypes
23,24: Budget analysis: What it means for the social sector

8: To be decided by members
20,21: SHGs: From Savings and Credit to investment: Emerging opportunities

6: Implication of privatisation in small towns of Karnataka
18,19: To be decided by members

10: IFIs in Karnataka: Implications for the NGO sector
22,23: To be decided by members

These programmes are open to all. Howevery, the actual schedule may change to meet the needs of iKAN members
To know how you can become a member of iKAN--iKnowledge Action Network--or for any other details, contact us at

email: training @openspace.org.in