India Shining: The figures tell for whom and how

India is 'budding superpower', this century belongs to India, 'India Shining', 'Incredible India', 'India poised' are no longer advertising slogans, but part of the mainstream beliefs of a section of the world. The BPO capital of the world, is no longer a country that lives from ship to mouth forced to feed its population the rejects of other countries cattle feed, laced with weeds... or is it?

Certainly some have benefited from the market led polity, while some others have lost. Our bureaucrats have done what they do best: invent new spins to put a glossy façade on the dismal reality facing up to 80% of the country. Their intelligence is used more to disingenuously to at best gloss over failures or at its more frequent worst blame the victim, and shoot the messenger.

In this series of posts, we will have a look at the figures that tell us who has benefited, who hasn't and the long distance to travel.

We will see the 'three India's'

  • ‘Global India’
  • ‘Developing India’
  • ‘Poor India’

All the figures given here are the government's own.
Unless otherwise mentioned, the figures are for 2007.