7 Important Resources for Internet Safety

It’s no secret that our society relies on the Internet now more than ever before. And while it has many wonderful benefits, it also poses some dangers. For example, nearly half of all US adults had their personal information hacked in 2014, with data like credit card numbers, home addresses, and even photos ending up in the hands of criminals.

But there are many ways we can increase online safety at home and on the go! I put together the following list of resources that offer invaluable advice on how to protect ourselves.

8 Steps to Ensure Your Online Credit Card Purchases are Safe

The Essential Teen Internet Safety Guide

Create Hack-Proof Passwords to Avoid Cyberattacks

The Paranoid’s Guide to the Internet: 13 Easy Ways to Make Sure You’re Not Hacked or Tracked

Cyber Tips for Seniors

Tips for Keeping Online Tax Returns Safe from Thieves

Digital Photography Super Guide: How to Keep Your Photos Safe

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