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Civil Society Summit Film Festival: Schedule
Curated by Amudhan R.P.

24 Jan 2014
10:00 Don’t be our fathers
Dir: Rupesh Kumar; 30 mins; Malayalam; 2013; India
Don’t be our fathers, the documentary is an attempt to capture the lives of the people of Peringeel, a predominanly dalit village, in Kannoor district Kerala. It tries to explore how the people in Peringeel determine their own life in the contemporary world confronting the patronizing efforts of the dominant political parties and communities.

10:45 When Shankar Nag comes asking
Dir: Sushma Veerappa: 66:45: Documentary: Kannada: 2013: India
The twist in Bangalore’s tale is Shankar Nag. No other city has an actor who died more than 20 years ago, still breathing through autorickshaw windshields. WHEN SHANKAR NAG COMES ASKING unfolds today’s Bangalore. In the race to become a ‘global’ city, the struggle is as much in holding on to the familiar as it is about embracing the new. In what ways does one seek the familiar, when the familiar is not the same anymore?

12:15 Pee (Shit)
Dir: Amudhan R.P.; 26 min; Tamil with English subtitles; 2003: India
Mariyammal, a sanitary worker with Madurai Municipal Corporation shares her frustration and anger with the filmmaker while cleaning a street near by a temple in Madurai which is full of shit.

Dir: K.P. Sasi; 94 min; Malayalam, English, 2012
This is a story of the post Independent India. Every year when this country celebrates freedom, there are thousands of innocent prisoners in Indian jails, waiting for justice without even a trial. Abdul Nasar Maudany is one such victim. As a Muslim spiritual leader, he reacted strongly against the demolition of Babari Masjid in 1992. His house was attacked and he spent nine and a half years in jail. All the charges against him were proven false and even the judgement makes it clear that the case was fabricated. He was released without any compensation. No trial on those who were responsible for such fabrication was conducted. But soon, Maudany was framed for another series of charges and he is still waiting for justice in Bangalore Parappana Agrahara jail.

15:45 Good girls don’t Dance
Dir: Padmalatha Ravi: 14mins 29sec: Documentary: English, Kannada, Tamil and hindi: 2013: India
This is a documentary that questions the notions that shape the society's reaction to sexual harassment, molestation and rape. It tries to understand the notion of good girls and bad girls that forms the basis for this reaction. The film uses interview format.

26 Jan 2014

14:00 Ningal Aranaye Kando? (Have you seen the arena?)
Dir: Sunandha Bhat; 73mins; Malayalam; 2012; India
A woman’s concern over the disappearance of medicinal plants from the forest, a farmer’s commitment to growing traditional varieties of rice organically and a cash crop cultivator’s struggle to survive amidst farmers’ suicides, offer fresh insights into shifting relations between people, knowledge systems and environment.

15:30 Farooq versus The State
Dir: Anjali Montero and K.P. Jayasankar: 25mins: Documentary: Hindi, English; 2012: India
Hari Masjid, Wadala, Mumbai, was the scene of a brutal police attack on January 10, 1993. Though Farooq Mhapkar was one of the casualties of indiscriminate police firing, he was charged as a rioter. Farooq versus The State is the story of Farooq's protracted legal battle against an unyielding State in pursuit of justice. Through this case, the film seeks to explore how justice was delayed and denied to the victims and survivors of the 1992-93 communal violence.

16:00 Constitution
Dir: Gauhar Raza; 15 min; Hindi with English subtitles; 2010
The documentary looks at the blatant violations of the Constitution of India, particularly fundamental rights by the State and political parties. The film calls for reclaiming the constitution.

Curated by Amudhan R.P.
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Filmmakers Sushma Veerappa, Sunandha Bhat, Padmalata Ravi and Amudhan R.P. will take part in the post screening discussions.