India at 60: Searching for freedom: The India Civil Society Summit

India at 60: Searching for freedom:
The India Civil Society Summit
24-26 August 2007, Ambedkar Bhavan, Bangalore

Registration Rs 5000 (non-residential)
Contact: office @ openspace. org. in
On 15 August 2007 India celebrates 60 years of freedom from British Rule. On the one hand, we claim superpower status as a nuclear weapons state and a nearly double digit economic growth. On the other hand, we have the dubious distinction of being at wrong side of the global rankings in maternal mortality, female infanticide and foeticide, deaths due to preventable disease, and other indicators of human development. Progress has been uneven—from developing world class technology and services to having the world’s largest number of poor and illiterate. For many, ‘freedom’ in its true sense is yet to dawn- their struggles continue.
The summit is a celebration of life, survival and resistance and of continuing struggles for freedom against increasing odds. Therefore, the summit will be a space for dissent and voicing issues, a space for celebrating difference and a space for ongoing freedom struggles. It will situate Civil Society and is its role within this context.
The summit is to bring together those who work for a strong, forward looking, people-centric India, to share experiences, discuss challenges and opportunities and create a broad vision together. It brings together those from diverse spheres for a synergy of ideas. It hopes to build relationships across boundaries, and be a platform for people-centric nation building.
24-26 August 2007
Over 75 distinguished speakers on the following topics… with ample time for interaction:

• Urbanisation
• Power as participation
• Diversity and Citizens Agendas
• Putting People in to partnerships
• Wealth Creation
• Media
• Earth friendly life
• Challenges in International Funding
• Corporate support of Civil Society Initiatives
• Democracy and Governance
• Inclusion and justice
• Beyond Boundaries, a People's SAARC

Valedictory: Honouring present day freedom fighters by felicitating them and remembering 60 Martyrs by name and a single toll of the bell.
There will be cultural programmes every night from 7-9.30pm.

If you think it is a great idea do let us know how would like to be part of this effort.

Please register, and ask others to register.