Sardar Sarovar affected adivasis and farmers continue to occupy and cultivate the land which they have themselves got allotted. Total 90 acres of land is now being brought under cultivation since July 13, 2007 and increasing number of people are supporting these rightful cultivators. The landless, widow, fish workers….who are left out of the lists of PAFs by the corrupt officials are turning to the Satyagraha for registering their names as well as to protest. The unity of farmers, of fish workers, of landowners and landless will take the battle forward.

While the official reaction to the 'Satyagraha' is mainly of considering it to be a law and order problem, Andolan is of a firm view that the government, with all the concerned authorities, is the one who has broken the law. The hundreds of adivasis and families whose land got submerged due to Sardar Sarovar years back are facing destitution and hence the officials responsible are declared culprits.

Today, adivasis of Kharya Bhadal village whose land is destroyed, some houses submerged and yet no cultivable land is offered to them as yet, have served a notice to the M.P. Government through the collector against the Rehabilitation Officer (NVDA, Badwani), Land Acquisition Officer (Badwani), Commisioner (NVDA, Indore) and Director of Rehabilitation, NCA under sec 80 of CPC for destroying their main source of livelihood. The demands in the notice are as follows:

i) According to the Supreme Court orders and policy the PAFs should be allotted housing plots and agricultural land.

ii) BPL cards should be issued to the PAFs and cheap and affordable food grains at fair price shop rate.

iii) Any other facilities that are entitled to the PAFs should be given under the Rehabilitation Policy.

Vahriya Manya, Jahriya Manya, Shobharam Chenda, Atya Kanya, Sutarya Kanya, Kishore Mangliya are the adivasis who have filed an FIR under Scheduled Caste – Scheduled Tribes / Prevention of Atrocities Act, 1989 in Badwani Thana against – Land Acquisition Officer (NVDA, Badwani), Rehabilitation Officer (Badwani) and Collector (Badwani). They have claimed that their tilled land is already affected and hence they are left with meager or no income. This is impingement upon right to life of these adivasi families. Atya Kania, alone was paid Rs.10,000 by cheque by Tahasildar, Badwani, wrongly treating the loss as due to natural calamity. While at least 30 families in the same village are already affected. The complainant further has reported that their ration shop is kept at a distance of 37 Kms of fair price grocery and is made available very irregularly i.e. once in six months. This is gross violation of their right to food & related orders of the Supreme Court as well.

Satyagrahis are determined to take the crop while the NVDA and NCA are also asked to respond to all the demand including land based rehabilitation, compensation for loss of boats, fishing nets, motor pumps (submerged), fishing rights to fish workers and recording & granting various rights and entitlements of all.

Medha Patkar Ashish Mandloi Kailash Awasya Kamla Yadav

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