Top ten reasons you should get your UID ‘Aadhaar’ immediately

Top ten reasons you should get your UID ‘Aadhaar’ immediately

1. You want to give all your personal information to the Americans (L1, the subcontractors, have many ex-CIA spies on their staff and board. Another contractor is Accenture which, being an American company, has to give all the data in its possession to the American government under the USA PATRIOT Act ).

They are contractors 23 and 24 of UIDAI for Implementation of Biometric Solution for UIDAI.

2. You want to give all your personal information to the Chinese. You like to live dangerously and/or want your personal details (and your children’s) to be flashed over the internet. (In 8 months, the Chinese hacked into the Indian Embassy in Afghanistan, and the Prime Minister’s Office—twice. The government did not even know, it is a study by a foreign university that brought it to light.).

3. You want to change your finger-prints regularly. When (not if) the database is hacked the biometrics you provided will no longer be usable. You will need another set of ‘unique’ finger prints. Guess who will have to pay for the surgery involved. It is either that or upgrade the whole system to a DNA bank… and when that gets hacked…

4. You like spam and pesky SMS from companies. You think that in a country where MPs ask questions in parliament for Rs 15,000 and arrest warrants for the President and two Judges, including the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court are issued for even less (Rs 40,000 for all three), your data will not be sold to the marketing companies and anyone who can pay for it.

5. You think the government—with about 25% of the MPs involved in crimes such as rape and murder—will not misuse the data. The government will not lie to you.

5. You like having more ID proofs… after a passport, driving licence, ration card. You can also get multiple UID cards... which, if you noticed, is also the reason there are two items at number five on this list.

6. You want to make it easier for hackers to empty out your bank accounts. UIDAI is now working with banks to make it compulsory to have Aadhaar for opening accounts. But stored identification (like passwords for instance) are so insecure that banks now use one time passwords, valid for as little as 5 minutes, to be used from the same computer it was requested.

7. You believe that there will be 100% availability of electricity and a working broadband connexion within walking distance anywhere in this country at all times. There will be no ‘equipment failure’ called ‘human error’ and ‘genuine mistakes’ (as in the case of the terror list given to Pakistan).

8. You think that privacy is a western concept. Like Union Carbide (of Bhopal disaster "plenty good for an Indian" fame) you know that Indians are lesser human beings and do not deserve fundamental freedoms essential to human dignity.

9. You believe that Nandan Nilenkani will personally enter the data and verify it each time. It will not be sub-contracted out to the lowest bidder and entered/verified by a barely literate person. It will not be possible to give a man a UID with the photo of a woman.

10. You believe that Anna Hazare’s campaign against corruption is ill conceived and that the problem with the PDS is technology not human nature of excessive power of the government machinery. You do not believe that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely but rather that all the officials, including those controlling the data (including your fingerprints) are angels.

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