The Reebok Human Rights Award Program


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The Reebok Human Rights Award Program

Established in 1988, the Reebok Human Rights Award
honors young people from the United States and around
the world who have made significant contributions to
the cause of human rights, often against great odds.
The purpose of the Award is to shine a positive,
international light on the awardees and to support
their work in human rights. A $50,000 grant is given to
further the work of each Award recipient.

Award candidates must be 30 years of age or younger by
December 31, 2006. Award candidates cannot advocate
violence or belong to an organization that advocates
violence. Award candidates must be working on an issue
that directly relates to the United Nations Universal
Declaration of Human Rights. Women and men of all
races, ethnic groups, nationalities and religions are
eligible. The Award is given to an individual, based on
that individual's personal achievement and commitment.
It is not given to groups of people, organizations, or
as a memorial award to people who have died.

For complete guidelines for nominations and other
information please visit:

Nominations must be received by May 31st.