Justice for 8 innocent Adivasis (3 minors) killed in police firing, Katharwa, Bihar.

Jharkhand Human Rights Movement
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Ref: JHRM/PI/2013/03 Date: 29/06/2013

Sri Pranab Mukherjee,
President of India,
Rashtrapati Bhavan,
New Delhi – 110004

Sub: requesting for an investigation and necessary legal action on a case of brutal killing of 8 innocent Adivasis (Scheduled Tribe) including 3 minor in the police firing, took place at Katharwa village come under the Naurangia police station of Bagaha police district (Paschim Champaran) in the state of Bihar on 24 June, 2013.

Respected Sir,

We would like to bring your kind attention on the above said subject that, 8 innocent ‘Tharu Adivasis’ (Scheduled Tribe) including 3 minor were brutally killed in the police firing took place at village Katharwa come under the Naurangia police station of Bagaha police district (Paschim Champaran) in the state of Bihar on 24 June, 2013.

The incident took place in the afternoon on 24 June, 2013, when a group of people angry over the delay in recovery of a kidnapped Tharu Adivasi (tribe) Mr. Chandeshwar Kaji, a native of village Tharthari comes under Naurangia police station of Bagaha police district, who was kidnapped on June 22, 2013. On 24 June, 2013 there was a rumour that a dead body was found at a place in Bagaha, which villagers suspected was that of Chandeshwar Kaji.

However, the dead body was identified as another person but the villagers resisted for recovery of Mr. Chandeshwar Kaji and protested against the police who had gone to recover the dead body and investigating on the case. The anger of the villagers was fuelled when the police alleged the Adivasis for killing of a person, whose dead body was recovered instead of taking action to recover the kidnapped person.

Consequently, there was clash between the Police forces and the Adivasis. The Adivasis blocked the police and when the police charged lathis against them, they also pelted stone on the police. Finally, the police opened fire on the crowd, which led to death of 6 persons at the spot and 2 in the Hospital. There were several villagers who got severe and minor injuries in the incident. This incident could have been avoided but the police was totally non-sensitive to the issues of the Adivasis, which led to loss of 8 precious lives.

List of Victims who died in the police firing:
Sl. No. Name of Victims Age Village
1. Mr. Anup Kumar Chautaria 16 Semridih
2. Mr. Shivmohan Kumar 10 Kataharawa
3. Mr. Bhupendra Kumar 22 Kataharawa
4. Mr. Tulsi Rai 18 Semrajusukpur
5. Mr. Anil Kumar 12 Amua
6. Mr. Dharamjeet Khatai 25 Devataha
7. Mr. Brahamdev Khatai 32 Devataha
8. Mr. Bhukdev Kumar 23 Dardari

The injured persons were also identified as Mr. Ganesh Kumar, Mr. Madan Kumar, Mr. Kamalesh Rai, Mr. Chandrashekhar Kumar, Mr. Harinarayan Kumar, Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Mr. Mohan Kumar, Mr. Rajan Kumar, Mr. Gaya Kumar, Mr. Jawahar Kazi, Mr. Bhagirathi Kumar, Mr. Keshav Raj Khatait, Mr. Dinesh Rai, Mr. Mukesh kumar, Mr. Kedar Kumar and Mrs. Lilawat Devi. Of them, 12 villagers are seriously injured and have been admitted to Bettiah MJK hospital.

List of Perpetrators:
Sl. No. Name of Perpetrators Post Role in the Incident Address
1. Mr. Anil Kumar SP Didn’t prevent the police firing Bagaha Police Headquarter
2. Mr. Shailesh Kumar DSP Led the firing Bagaha Police Headquarter
3. Mr. Shailendar Kumar Sinha SDPO Involved in firing Bagaha Police Headquarter
4. Mr. Vinay Kumar Singh SHO Involved in firing Naurangia PS
5. Mr. Rajan Pandey SHO Involved in firing Laukaria PS
6. Mr. D. Qazi SHO Involved in police firing Balmikinagar PS
7. Mr. D N Jhar Inspector Involved in police firing Naurangia police station
8. Inspectors and other police personals Inspectors and Constables Involved in firing Naurangia, Laukaria and Balmilinagar

Hence, it is a clear case of gross violation of the right to life of 8 innocent Adivasis (Scheduled Tribe) guaranteed under the Article 21 of the Indian Constitution. It is also the gross violation of juvenile Justice Act, 2006, Rights to Education Act 2009 of children and violation of Constitutional safeguard to the Scheduled Tribes.

Since, you are the custodian of the Adivasis/Tribal people constitutionally, therefore, we humbly pray you for the following actions:

1. An investigation should be done by the CBI on the case of brutal killing of 8 innocent Adivasis (Scheduled Tribe) including 3 minor children in the police firing.
2. A murder case should be registered against all the police officers and constable who were involved in the police firing, which led to killing of 8 innocent Adivasis (Scheduled Tribes).
3. A case should be also registered under the different sections of SC/ST Prevention of Atrocity Act, 1989 against all the non-SC/ST police officers and constable who were involved in the police firing.
4. All the police officers and constables, who were involved in the police firing should be dismissed from their posts and arrested for killing of 8 innocent Adivasis (Scheduled Tribes).
5. The family members of the deceased persons should be given Rs. 25 lakh and a government job per person as compensation.
6. The severe injured persons should be also given compensation as Rs 5 lakh and a government job each along with free treatment and the minor injured should also be given Rs. 1 lakh as compensation.

Therefore, we strongly pray for your intervention on the matter immediately to protect the rights of the victims of police firing. We hope you’ll understand the pains, sufferings and agony of the Adivasis/Tribals of Bihar.

We shall be highly obliged to you for the same.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Gladson Dungdung, Sunil Minj,
General Secretary, Chairperson,
JHRM, Ranchi. JHRM, Ranchi.