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Course Content: Documentation Writeshop

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Input session


Output/ Audience/ evaluation


Introduction to communication and documentation

·       Basics of documentation

·       The importance of communication.

·       The Communication Planning Cycle

·       Strategic Planning for Advocacy and communication

·       Strategy and systems

·       Basics of documentation and presentation

·       Reporting skills

·       Essential information systems.

·       Identify organisational information requirements

·       Notes

·       Personal

·       Accuracy



·       Values in, and ethics of, communication and advocacy

·       Analysing the communication needs of a campaign or cause

·       Ethics and Behaviour

·       Responsibilities, Roles and Representation.

·       Credit, Costs and Control

·       Over all perspective

·       ‘Dignity for all at all times’

·       Integrating human rights perspective

·       Case study

·       Internal [Organisation]

·       Brevity


Proposals and Reports

·       Project Cycle

·       How to Prepare a Budget for your Proposals

·       Synchronising programmes, budgets and systems

·       Human Rights based programming

·       UN Standards

·       Linking proposals to outcomes and results

·       Quantifying results

·       Proposal outline

·       Logical link between objectives, programmes

·       ‘SMART’ Outputs and Indicators

·       Budget, Institutional Development and Sustainability.

·       Proposal/ Report

·       External

·       Clarity


Writing for communication and fundraising

·       Communicating to corporate sector

·       Setting up an Administrative System 

·       Face to Face

·       Capital Campaigns

·       Legacy Programmes

·       Payroll Giving and Non-Financial Gifts

·       Communicating to ‘Civil Society’ groups and individuals

·       Fundraising Strategy Plan, Cause-related Marketing

·       Media Relations, Branding, Marketing, Sponsorship

·       Self-Generated Income, Direct Mail

·       Documentation to enlist support

·       brochure / appeal

·       Corporate sector

·       Desired behaviour



Documentation for advocacy and campaigns

·       Basic principles of Advocacy

·       Documentation for policy change.

·       Documentation for solidarity and action.

·       Policy research

·       Linking demands to standards

·       Tailoring message to audience

·       Integrated information system

·       General public

·       Best practice


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