Global Forest Watch Small Grants Fund

The Small Grants Fund seeks to promote uptake of Global Forest Watch by civil society organizations to use in their research, advocacy, and fieldwork. The fund provides grants between US$10,000 and US$40,000 and technical support to civil society organizations for project implementation. Additionally, grant recipients have the opportunity to form part of a unique network of environmental organizations, working around the globe towards objectives like increasing women’s participation in land use decision-making in Indonesia, protecting jaguars in Nicaragua, mapping mangroves in Madagascar, monitoring the impact of mega-dam projects in Brazil, and more.

Projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Forest management, monitoring and law enforcement - Use GFW’s near real-time alerts to monitor deforestation, notify authorities, target ranger patrols, or guide legal investigations.
  • Advocacy / campaigning - Use GFW data to generate evidence to campaign against illegal deforestation, land grabbing, and environmental injustice.
  • Journalism and storytelling - Raise public awareness about the threats to forests and forest-dependent communities by publishing stories or training local journalists using GFW data.
  • Data collection or generation - Contribute to GFW’s mission to increase forest transparency by promoting disclosure of geospatial data, aggregating and surfacing existing forest data, or developing new geospatial data, and making it publicly available.
  • Scientific or policy research - Use GFW data to generate original research or analysis discerning spatial or temporal trends in land use, forest change or drivers of deforestation to make forest policy recommendations.
  • Education and training / capacity building - Design training modules and create materials to further the understanding of how GFW can be used.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible, organizations must:

  • Be certified non-profit and non-governmental;
  • Implement projects at a regional, national or sub-national level;
  • Have an annual budget greater than $30,000 USD;
  • Possess a computerized financial system for tracking and recording expenses;
  • Perform an annual audit (NOTE: all grant recipients are required to undergo a grant-specific audit at the end of the project. GFW will cover the cost of this audit).
  • Be able to fill out an organizational assessment document (containing questions regarding organization finances) in fluent English.

The Small Grants Fund seeks applications for projects that clearly demonstrate how the organization intends to use Global Forest Watch to enhance achievement of their organizational objectives mentioned above.

Previous unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to apply. Previous winners are not eligible.

Special considerations will be given to projects that:

  • promote gender equity or benefit women
  • support social justice or poverty reduction
  • are from forest-rich, resource-constrained countries that have been geographically underrepresented in past cycle applicant pools (currently African countries)

How to Apply
The application contains three sections: basic information, financial information, and project information. You will also be required to upload a project budget, using a template that will be provided to you via the application software.

2016 Timeline
Call for applications: January 6
Application submission deadline: February 15
Winners announced: March 15
Project end date: December 31

For more information, please visit their website