Elinor Ostrom International Fellowship on Practice and Policy on Commons

Prof. Elinor Ostrom International Fellowship on Practice and Policy on Commons

The Foundation for Ecological Security in association with the International Association for the Study on the Commons (IASC) invites applications for international fellowships on Practice and Policy on Commons. The fellowship is being announced as a tribute to Prof. Dr. Elinor Ostrom, who passed away earlier this year, after decades of invaluable contribution to the analysis of economic governance, especially the commons. Elinor Ostrom’s work has been a major inspiration for all researchers engaged with work on institutions for collective action around a wide range of subjects related to resource management and self-organized governance systems. She strongly believed in creating links between local practice, academic research and policymaking, which she considered critical to shape a better world.

The fellowships are aimed at promoting sound policies for the governance and management of Commons. Exemplary work that intertwines or explores the linkages between research, practice and policy at local, national or regional levels would be of special interest. Collaborative efforts between practitioners, researchers (and policy makers) aimed at informing Policy would also be of interest.

The fellowship may address broad themes such as:
• Governing Commons with a tilt towards the poor
• Emerging Institutional Forms to promote Holocratic planning and Polycentric governance
• Commons as platforms to promote interdisciplinarity – between social and ecological systems; between land, water and forests; biophysical resources and knowledge systems
• Reform in legal spaces and administrative apparatus to promote Commons as a Governance paradigm
• Valuing Commons – advances in identifying, quantifying and highlighting ‘value’ as against ‘exchange price’.
We plan to offer ten to fifteen fellowships for participants from across the world. Each feelowship should result in an academic paper or presentation or video that can be presented at the 14th Global Commons Conference in Japan from June 3-7, 2013 (http://www.iasc2013.org/en/). Preference would be given to those proposals whose abstracts are accepted for the 14th Global Commons Conference. The selected fellows would be either part of regular panel, policy fora, side event, roundtable discussion or more than one of them.

Applications to the fellowship must be received before October 31, 2012. The results will be announced by end of November 2012. Fellows are expected to complete their work and submit all content by March 31, 2013.

The fellowship is open to practitioners, researchers, policy makers from across the globe.

Funding support
The fellowship amount would meet the registration fees and their travel and accommodation expenses for attending the conference.

Application procedure
All applications must be accompanied by
• A brief proposal clearly stating the aspect of the proposed research, the applicant’s perspective on this subject, and expected output.
o An abstract of the paper (300 words),
o A detailed CV and
o Three references.
• The applicants are also encouraged to submit their abstracts directly to the conference organizers.
• The proposals would be evaluated by a selection committee comprising of eminent researchers, practitioners and Public Policy Experts
• All content will be uploaded on the FES website and the Digital Library of Commons of the International Association for Study on Commons. All content submitted under these fellowships will be under the Creative Commons Licence and may be submitted for publication/dissemination.

About Foundation for Ecological Security (FES) (www.fes.org.in)
These fellowships are part of a series of initiatives designed to build awareness and influence public policy on the governance and management of common pool resources.
Foundation for Ecological Security (FES) has been assisting the management and governance of Common Pool Land and Water Resources since 1986, by working with village institutions that manage and govern commons in diverse ecosystems across seven states in India. FES organised the 13th Biennial International Conference in India in 2011 on the theme of Sustaining Commons, Sustaining Our Future, in collaboration with the International Association for the Study of Commons (IASC).

About International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC) (http://www.iasc-commons.org)
The International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC), founded in 1989 is a nonprofit Association devoted to understanding and improving institutions for the management of resources that are (or could be) held or used collectively by communities in developing or developed countries. IASC's goals are to encourage exchange of knowledge among diverse disciplines, areas, and resource types; to foster mutual exchange of scholarship and practical experience, and; to promote appropriate institutional design