ABILIS Foundation

ABILIS Foundation gives small grants ranging from 500 to 10.000 Euros to projects initiated by disabled persons. ABILIS Foundation is a development fund, founded by people with disabilities in Finland in 1998. Its mandate is to support the activities empowerment of disabled persons in the Global South (developing countries).

ABILIS Foundation supports activities that contribute toward equal opportunities for disabled people in society through human rights, independent living, and economic self-sufficiency. Special priority is given to activities developed and implemented by disabled women

If you live in one of the following countries

please contact our partner organisations for an application form. (http://www.abilis.fi/index.php?lang=1&main=3&level=3)

If you live in a country not mentioned above, please contact our office. (E-mail: abilis@abilis.fi )

Who can apply for a grant by Abilis?
They support organizations that include persons with disabilities in their leadership. They support organisations of people with mobility, visual, hearing or any other type of disability. They can also support organisations that are run by parents of children with disabilities.

You can apply for a grant from Abilis if the following is true for you:

You live in a country which the United Nations and the OECD have defined as qualifying for Official Development Assistance. See list of countries
Your organisation has a certificate of registration. (If your group is not registered, please contact our office (E-mail:
abilis@abilis.fi ) as sometimes they are able to make exceptions to this rule.)
A minimum of 10 % of the project budget should be a contribution of time, money or other resources from the applicant group.

If you wish to apply for funding, call a meeting of your friends and colleagues. Then think carefully about your current priorities and take time to make a good plan. They encourage you to use the Abilis manual designed to assist you in this process.

E-mail abilis@abilis.fi and they can send you the Abilis application form and guidelines for letters of recommendation. Please read them through carefully before applying.


Partner in India:

Mobility India MI
Mailing Address:
Post Box 7812, Bangalore - 560 078

Visiting Address:
1st &1st ‘A’ Cross J.P.Nagar 2nd Phase
Bangalore - 560 078

Tel. +91-080-6492222
Fax +91-080-6494444

Abilis Facilitator
Mr. Mahesh, mahesh@mobility-india.org