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our books

Most of the books that we wrote were manuals or for campaigns and advocacy. Consequently, many are out of print. The more recent ones are available as pdfs/rtf, but you are welcome to drop in and read the hard copies.

You can download them from

Documentation and communication

  • Media and Gender Justice (2007, rtf);
  • Write your organisation history in seven days(2004, pdf);
  • The little book of documentation(1999, pdf).

Disaster response

  • Responding to the Bihar floods 2007—8: Best practice and lessons learnt from the experience of ChristianAid India and its partners (2009)
  • Rejuvenating & Rebuilding Communities, An overview of Plan’s tsunami response and lessons learnt (2008)
  • An Introduction to Social Equity Audit (2007, editor).

Human Rights

  • Human Rights Education Manual (2007, rtf);
  • A human rights based approach to development: A resource book(2004, rtf)
  • In which language do you think (2002, pdf);
  • and Series Editors for resource book series on Economic Globalisation(2004) and Good Governance(2004).


  • Vocabulary of Commons (2011, pdf)
  • The heart of a city: building sustainable communities in an urban environment(2001, rtf);
  • Life goes on...; Sustainability of community development programs and the withdrawal of NGO support: an enquiry into expectations and implications(1999).
  • Best practices in sustainability (extracts from Life goes on...; 1999, pdf).

Adivasis/Indigenous People

  • Liberation is not enough, the Kamaiya liberation movement of Nepal(2006, pdf);
  • A search for justice: the Adivasi experience in south India(1997);
  • Why does Nagarhole Burn? the Adivasi, the state and the world bank (1995);
  • Indigenous Identity; Crisis and Reawakening(1993).

NGO experiences

  • Listening to people living in poverty (2003, editor);
  • Sustaining Dalit empowerment processes: NESA’s experience in integrating micro–finance and gender into Dalit empowerment(2001);
  • Grama Vidiyal, A bank to bank on(2001);
  • The NESA process(1998);
  • Partners in progress(1997);
  • Experiences of advocacy in environment and development(1997, editor).